Automatically Protect and Track Emails from Existing Email Solutions

Emails are the most common source of data breaches. However, the preferred technology to secure emails – email collaborations systems and email gateways – have limitations. These systems are restricted to your organization’s email domain and cannot extend their security capabilities to other domains.

Seclore helps organizations to secure their existing email systems by automatically attaching persistent, granular usage controls to emails and documents sent to other domains such as partners, contractors, or vendors. The recipient’s access to emails and attachments can be tracked, expired, modified, or revoked if an email is forwarded to the wrong recipient by mistake or malice.

The Seclore SDKs features a robust collection of APIs and rapid configuration capabilities that reduce the effort required to add persistent, granular usage controls and tracking to information as it is discovered, downloaded, classified and shared.

Key Features



Automatically protect emails with the appropriate usage controls without user intervention.


Granular Usage Controls

Persistent, granular usage controls are applied to email and attachments as soon as it is protected.


Email Expiry and Remote Control

Access to protected emails and attachments can be revoked at any time. You can also schedule your emails and attachments to expire on a specific date


Flexible and Dynamic Security Policies

Security policies applied to protected emails and attachments are dynamic and can be modified at any time.


Data-Centric Tracking and Auditing

End-to-End auditing and regulatory compliance – even for data that goes beyond your enterprise perimeter.

Automatically Protect Your Emails and Attachments using Seclore Email Auto-Protector

The Seclore Email Auto-Protector acts as an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) and allows an organization to set up protection rules to automatically apply usage controls to emails and attachments in the background without human intervention.

background without human intervention. Usage control rules can also be applied to different types of emails (outgoing, incoming & internal emails) based on the email server’s capability.

Seclore automatically adds usage controls to an outgoing email

Seamless Integration

Seclore can be seamlessly integrated with any email system to allow organizations secure email collaboration and tracking. Here are few of those systems:

Microsoft Email (Exchange Online, Exchange On-Prem)


Cisco IronPort Email Security

McAfee Email Gateway

IBM Lotus Notes (HCL Domino)

Google Mail (Gmail)

Fortinet Email Security

Symantec Email Gateway

Zimbra Email Security

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