Classify, Protect, and Track in One Click!

Classification-Driven Data Protection

Seclore’s classification-driven protection integrates seamlessly with best-of-breed Data Classification tools. Seclore automatically applies the appropriate usage controls to documents, emails, and email attachments based on the classification label selected by the end-user.

Easily Classify and Protect Your Sensitive Data

As your users create, modify or email documents, they can select a classification label from a user-friendly menu that will automatically apply the appropriate usage controls based on the classification.

Demo: Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels

Seclore’s data protection adds meaning to Microsoft’s sensitivity labels by defending the classification label. Watch how Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels extends data-centric security to Microsoft’s sensitivity labels – enabling :

One-Click Classification, Protection and Tracking

See how you can make your CISO, IT team and end-users all happy with one-click classification, protection, and tracking. Once your user clicks on the classification label, Seclore Classification-Driven Data Protection will do the rest.

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Demo: Classifying Your Documents
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