Seclore for DLP & CASB

Don’t Just Monitor or Block, Protect Your Sensitive Data

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs), either discover sensitive data and block it from leaving your organization or allow it to go unprotected. DLP and CASB solutions are great at controlling the flow of information and preventing sensitive data from leaving the perimeter. However, they don’t provide end-to-end security and can reduce productivity. Once your sensitive data is shared outside your organization with contractors, vendors, and partners – you’ve lost control of your data.

Accelerating the Value of DLP & CASB with Rights Management

While DLP, CASB, or Rights Management on their own fulfil the data-centric security process partially – together, they can supercharge your data protection. When an industry-leading DLP or CASB system discovers sensitive data, the files and emails are automatically protected with Seclore’s granular usage controls. No additional user intervention is required!

How DLP/CASB & Seclore Are Better Together

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