Email Security

Protect Sensitive Data in Microsoft Outlook Throughout Its Lifecycle

Despite the prominence of new-age communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., emails remain the most common mode of communication. To secure their data at the source, organizations need cloud-native email security solutions so that the information remains secure wherever it goes. Email gateways or static DLP systems are often the preferred solutions to secure emails. But they add to a lot of administrative overhead and do not provide the intelligence to counter accidental data sharing.


Protect Your Emails & Attachments

Protect sensitive data automatically via smart rules or manually to control access to it


Track & Revoke

Track email and attachments to see who has accessed them, what they’ve done, and when. Revoke access within the emails sent or forwarded to the wrong recipient.

Enable Easy Access

Enable Easy Access

Allow employees and third-party users to access Seclore-protected emails and attachments on any device, format, and platform

Facilitate easy external user onboarding

Facilitate Easy External User Onboarding

Use Seclore Identity Management to minimize user and admin overhead


Create Smart Security Workflows

Extend data protection to additional users seamlessly without compromising security

Integrate with Seclore to Solve Your Microsoft 365 Security Challenges

Seclore’s Email Encryption Plus: Demo Video

Seclore Email Encryption Plus protects sensitive data in emails throughout their lifecycle with granular, persistent usage data security controls – without any user intervention. It enables you to track email and attachments to see who has accessed it, what they’ve done, and when.

This demo video also shows how you can track your emails and revoke access from them, as you require.

Infographic: Why Email Security Is Important Now More Than Ever

Emails are one of the most popular modes of communication. However, organizations have realized that emails are not secure – they carry unprotected information in the body and attachments and can be accessed by anyone.

This infographic describes the various statistics related to data breaches related to email security and their severe consequences.

Using Seclore for Microsoft 365 Data Protection & Security

National Life & General Insurance Company talks about how Seclore provided automatic security to their sensitive data exchanged between various parties via email.
Blue Star talks about how Seclore provided impressive email security to track and revoke access to protected emails within Outlook with just one click.