Automatically Protect Documents in Your File Servers and Storage Systems

Files servers store and archive volumes of business information and grow exponentially due to files too larger to send over email, or that need to be backed up for business continuity. While security managers face the never-ending task of auditing, analyzing, and monitoring access permissions, sensitive and regulatory data can potentially end up in the hands of unauthorized users.

Protect Sensitive Documents

Seclore for File Servers enables automatic protection for documents stored in file servers. The protection is persistent with granular usage controls, making data secure when at-rest, in-transit, and in-use. With this protection level, organizations can confidently store and share their business-critical data via file server or NAS systems.

Access and usage policies are pre-defined for any folder on a file server. When documents are placed in a folder, they are automatically protected with the usage policies mapped to that folder. Even if the protected document is downloaded from the folder, the security policies remain with the documents wherever it travels or resides.

Key Features



Protects bulk data automatically as soon as data is saved in a shared folder.


Data-Centric Usage Controls

Persistent, granular usage controls are applied to a file as soon as it is protected.


Remote Control

File owners can modify the usage policies even after a protected file has been shared.


Flexible and Dynamic Usage Policies

Usage policies can be modified real time and reflect on the file when opened again, wherever it resides.


Universal Protection

All file formats are supported with automatic protection.


Data-Centric Usage Tracking and Auditing

End-to-End auditing and compliance – even for data shared beyond your enterprise perimeter.

Automated Protection

As soon as a document is placed in a Seclore protected ‘hot folder’ on the file server, it automatically gets protected with the pre-defined policies on the folder. The protected document can be accessed on any device, application, or operating system, and usage controls stays with the document when downloaded and shared.

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