Automatically Add Data Protection and Tracking to Fortinet FortiMail

Combined Solution for Advanced Email Security

As email remains the primary communication channel for sharing information, organizations must maintain control over who accesses and shares their sensitive data. The challenge is only heightened by growing privacy regulations.

Seclore Email Encryption Plus and Fortinet FortiMail’s combined solution ensures sensitive emails and attachments are automatically protected with persistent, granular usage controls ensuring sensitive information remains under the organization’s control no matter where it travels.

Key Benefits

The Seclore SDKs features a robust collection of APIs and rapid configuration capabilities that reduce the effort required to add persistent, granular usage controls and tracking to information as it is discovered, downloaded, classified and shared.


Automation: Automatically protect emails with the appropriate usage controls without user intervention.


Security Policy Mapping: Map FortiMail detection policies to Email Encryption Plus granular usage controls.


Protecting Incoming Emails: Automatically protect incoming emails and attachments containing intellectual property from customers and partners.


Data-Centric Tracking and Auditing: End-to-end auditing and regulatory compliance-even for data that travels beyond the organization’s perimeter.

Fortinet + Seclore Blog


Data-Centric Security – the “Means to an End” for Email Protection

Teleworking, public and home networks, personal devices, and cloud email services have combined to open up email to become the dominant source of security and information breaches. On the one hand spam, malware and spyware are increasingly making its way into the enterprise, and on the other hand, confidential information being shared, even with internal employees, is winding up on […].

The Value of Connectors

By connecting Rights Management directly with existing systems (DC, DLP, ECM, EFSS, CASB, ERP), you will dramatically accelerate the on-going protection of sensitive information and rapidly close your security gaps. Imagine turning on your Rights Management System and on day one, protecting hundreds of documents without employee intervention. That is the power of seamless connectivity.

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