Seclore for Identity Federation

Federate User Identity from Azure Active Directory

Microsoft 365’s Azure Active Directory brings many valuable features like Single Sign-on (SSO) and Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Organizations moving to Microsoft Cloud are now syncing their Local AD to Azure AD to leverage such benefits. Seclore’s connector for Microsoft Azure AD ensures that end-users continue to use their organizations’ (Microsoft) Identify and experience Single Sign-On and MFA while using Seclore.

Zero Admin Overhead

Zero Admin Overhead

Connects with Azure AD to authenticate users, eliminating the user onboarding process into the Seclore system

Change Management

Zero Change Management

Use the same Microsoft or Org ID and experience Single Sign-On while using Seclore

Great Security Control

Great Security Control

Apply granular control like Multifactor Authentication defined in Azure AD on Seclore

Integrate with Seclore to Solve Your Microsoft 365 Security Challenges

Seclore for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)

Seclore’s Identity Federation frameworks allow organizations to configure their Microsoft Azure AD Repository with Seclore with the following advantages:

  • Automatically extends the Identity controls setup on Azure AD to Seclore like Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Enables end-users to continue using their organization ID to access Seclore, thus minimizing change management.
  • Ensures end-users experience Single Sign-on while working with Seclore.

Using Seclore for Microsoft 365 Data Protection & Security

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