Seclore for Microsoft 365

Secure Data Within Microsoft Cloud and Beyond

Microsoft 365 Adoption

As organizations move to a hybrid work environment, the adoption of Microsoft 365 has skyrocketed and has become the gold standard for enabling collaboration over the cloud. However, this has also increased security challenges pertaining to the sensitive data residing on the cloud. Organizations tend to lose control over their data once it is uploaded into the cloud and shared with employees and third-party users across the globe.

Leverage the best-in-class data-centric security that securely allows users to collaborate using Microsoft 365. It seamlessly integrates with your existing productivity and collaboration apps provided by Microsoft. It enables you to protect your emails and attachments containing sensitive information with just a single click or via smart rules without user intervention. If you are using Sensitivity labels for data classification, it automatically protects your documents based on how sensitive the information is.


Best-of-Breed Security

With dynamic watermarking, policy federation and instant access revoke, Seclore provides the best-in-class security


Easy to Integrate

Fits right into your Microsoft 365 stack, providing a native experience to the end users



Protects millions of documents in a day automatically, thereby minimizing user & admin overheads

Integrate with Seclore to Solve Your Microsoft 365 Security Challenges

Seclore for Microsoft 365 Demo Video

See how Seclore extends best-in-class Rights Management to the Microsoft 365 platform – enabling users to:

  • Seamlessly authenticate using MS Azure
  • Easily open and edit Seclore-protected documents directly in the browser or from the desktop’s OneDrive Sync through the native application
  • Automatically re-save protected documents back to Microsoft 365

See the Power of Seclore for Microsoft 365 in this Six-Minute Demo Video

Infographic: Why Email Security Is Important Now More Than Ever

Seclore for Microsoft 365 Datasheet

As your organization moves to the cloud and embraces Microsoft 365, the most immediate concern is the security of sensitive data and intellectual property. Download this datasheet to learn how Seclore adds enterprise grade security to your Microsoft 365 platform.

Using Seclore for Microsoft 365 Data Protection & Security

Director Operations
Large Semiconductor equipment manufacturer

“Seclore’s depth of technology and expertise, helped us address our customers’ concerns when they share their most sensitive Intellectual Property with us.”

Head – Dept. of Safeguards
International regulator of nuclear technology

“We found Seclore to be the most secure and unbreakable tool to ensure privacy of our data as we share it with governments and regulators all over the world.”

SVP – Retail Liabilities
Largest credit card services organization

“The Seclore platform works seamlessly with our existing data sharing and access control tools, giving us even more value from our existing IT investments.”