Get Ahead with Classification

Add Data Protection to Microsoft’s Sensitivity Labels

Microsoft’s sensitivity labels is among the most popular data classification solutions to help categorize data into different sensitivity levels.

However, it leaves the most sensitive data defenseless. With Seclore, automatically attaching security permissions on classified documents and emails makes the sensitivity label meaningful. Classified data can now travel safely beyond the organization’s perimeter to support secure collaboration.

Key Benefits


Improve data protection and compliance by combining data classification labels with email and document security.


Map Microsoft’s sensitivity labels to Seclore’s persistent, granular usage controls.


When users create or email a document, a pre-defined security policy is automatically applied to the document, allowing access to be modified or revoked at any time.


Experience end-to-end auditing and regulatory compliance – even for data that goes beyond your organization’s perimeter.

The Value of Rights Management with Sensitivity Labels


Protect What’s Valuable

Provide a true sense of security to data classification by automatically attaching security permissions to your highly classified data.


Worry-Free Collaboration

Allow users the freedom to collaborate with co-workers and third-parties on classified data from anywhere in the world.


Eliminates Inside & Outside Threats

Classified data can help nefarious insiders and hackers identify important documents, but security permissions will prevent them from being accessed.


Reduce Risk in Real-Time

Revoke access or change usage permissions on classified emails or documents instantly, so you’re always in control of your data wherever it travels or resides.

Spirion - Automated Discovery, Classification & Protection l Seclore

Classify for Compliance, Protect for Reputation

Data classification may meet regulatory requirements but tracking suspicious activities on classified documents and taking immediate action will protect your organization’s reputation from a data breach.

Demo: Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels

Seclore’s data protection adds meaning to Microsoft’s sensitivity labels by defending the classification label. Watch how Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels extends data-centric security to Microsoft’s sensitivity labels – enabling :

  • Automatic protection of classified emails and attachments with persistent, granular usage controls
  • Seamless access to classified and protected documents for internal and external users
  • A dashboard to view all activities performed on a classified and protected document

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