Securing Collaboration Apps with Seclore

Sharepoint, Teams & OneDrive

Securing information at scale on the cloud remains a challenge for most security heads. Microsoft 365 applications like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams have enhanced productivity and enabled seamless collaboration on the cloud. However, the never-ending requirement of the organization to share information with external stakeholders and the rising insider threats have shifted the control from the IT administrator to the cloud applications.

Automated Protection-icon

Automated Protection

Upload to Microsoft 365 collaboration apps like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams

Enable Easy Access

Ease of Use

Seamless access to desktop apps for your employees

Secure external collaboration

Secure External Collaboration

Enable guest users to access protected documents online securely

Insider threats

Insider Threat Prevention

Help users trace any unusual activity on the protected documents in the cloud

Lower Overheads

Minimal Admin Overhead

Enable documents to inherit the permissions from Microsoft and not require IT to define elaborate policies

Integrate with Seclore to Solve Your Microsoft 365 Security Challenges

Seclore for Secure Collaboration on Microsoft 365 Demo Video

Learn how Seclore brings its expertise to solve the collaboration:

  • Easily open and edit Seclore-protected documents directly in the browser or from the desktop’s OneDrive Sync through the native application
  • Automatically re-save protected documents back to Microsoft 365

Watch the video to know more.

Seclore for Microsoft Teams

Why should one use Seclore to secure collaboration over Microsoft Teams?

  • Automatic protection for the sensitive documents uploaded to the Microsoft Teams channels
  • Opens in the native application
  • Easy access in an agentless browser-based Secure Editor
  • Policy federation and revoke access
  • Advanced security

Watch this video to see how Seclore Rights Management seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams to protect sensitive information for secure collaboration.

Using Seclore for Microsoft 365 Data Protection & Security

Exostar explains a crucial reason for choosing Seclore as seamless transition and integration at their customers’ end. As regular SharePoint users and experts, they appreciated how the permissions and policies map directly to the SharePoint groups involved. So our customers can confidently say that they know who their readers, users, and contributors are.
Eugenus talks about how Seclore is the only solution that offers holistic data-centric security on the cloud, especially when using SharePoint day in and day out.