Automatically Protect Sensitive Data Discovered by McAfee MVISION Cloud

CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers) are proficient at blocking sensitive data from leaving the cloud or monitoring data that has left the cloud. However, productivity stops when blocked data must be reviewed. And security is lost when data is monitored for any misuse after the fact. By adding Seclore’s usage controls to sensitive data, organizations can maintain productivity while collaborating safely.

Combining McAfee MVISION Cloud with Seclore Rights Management, you can achieve unprecedented security over “discovered” information by ‘Secloring’ the sensitive information instead of blocking or monitoring it. Seclore automatically adds persistent, granular usage controls (view, edit, print, share, screen share) to discovered emails and documents before they are shared from the cloud. And Seclore’s data-centric auditing capability tracks how the protected file is being used. If the protected document is being misused, sent to the wrong person, obtained by a bad actor, or shared with third parties, you have the option to modify or revoke access at any time. Now you can proactively secure your sensitive data that is accessed, downloaded, or shared from the cloud without worry.

Introducing Seclore for McAfee MVISION Cloud

  • Seamless Right Management Integration built by McAfee

    Leverage best-in-class Seclore Rights Management and confidently collaborate through various cloud services.

  • Automatic protection for sensitive data uploaded to Microsoft SharePoint Online, One Drive and Box

    Persistent, granular usage controls are automatically applied to sensitive documents discovered by McAfee MVISION Cloud.

  • Automatic Email Protection with Exchange Online

    Sensitive content inspected in email by McAfee MVISION Cloud can be automatically protected with Seclore Email Auto-Protector ensuring 100% email security in the cloud.

  • Flexible and Dynamic Security Policies

    Security policies applied on protected documents are dynamic and can be changed at any time irrespective of where the document is.

  • Data-Centric Usage Tracking and Auditing

    End-to-End auditing and regulatory compliance – even for data that goes beyond the purview of CASB systems.

McAfee MVISION Cloud + Seclore

Seclore Rights Management with McAfee MVISION Cloud – Demo Video

This video depicts MVISION Cloud integration with Seclore Rights Management for automated protection as well as the user experience for both internal and external users.

Seclore Email Encryption Plus for McAfee MVISION Cloud – Demo Video

This video depicts McAfee MVISION Cloud integration with Seclore Email Encryption Plus for automated protection as well as secure email decryption for McAfee content discovery.

Cloud Services supported by McAfee MVISION Cloud with Seclore Integration

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