Automatically Add Data Protection and Tracking to Titus Data Classification

Identifying what data is sensitive is the first step in a data governance strategy. However, labeling it sensitive is not the same as protecting it. Seclore’s seamless integration with Titus automatically adds security permissions to classified data. Wherever the protected email or document travels, you remain in control and compliance of your data.

Key Benefits


Improve data protection and compliance by combining data classification labels with persistent, granular usage controls to email and documents.


One-click classification, protection, and tracking – apply usage controls to classified documents and emails with zero user intervention.


Experience end-to-end data-centric auditing and regulatory compliance – even for data that goes beyond your organization’s perimeter.

Titus + Seclore OnDemand Events

Video Titus

How to Gain Stability After Being Left Behind by Symantec

Many concerns have emerged from data protection customers who felt left behind by Symantec from the Broadcom acquisition. This on-demand webinar provides an overview of the current situation and a three-step framework from McAfee, Seclore, and Titus’s combined solution, for a smooth transition from Symantec.

Seclore & Titus Talk Cybersecurity

Wally Bitaut, VP of Business Development at Seclore, talks with Cory Markell, Strategic Partner Director at Titus, in the Titus Talks Cybersecurity podcast. They discuss issues with encryption at rest and in transit, the power of Rights Management, how Seclore differs from other solutions, vendor-locking and how it impacts integrations, and much more. Also, learn how Seclore and Titus combined solution delivers a robust, scalable data protection solution.

The Value of Connectors

By connecting rights management directly with existing systems (DLP, ECM, ERP, EFSS and CASB), you will dramatically accelerate the on-going protection of sensitive information and rapidly close your security gaps. Imagine turning on your rights management system and on day one, protecting hundreds of documents without employee intervention. That is the power of seamless connectivity.

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Titus and Seclore Solution Brief
Identify sensitive information with data classification and automatically add data protection before it’s shared.
Seclore Classification-Driven Data Protection Brochure
Easily add data protection to emails and documents that are classified with one-click.
Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform Video
See how DLP, Classification, and Rights Management work in concert to better protect and track your information.