The Harmless Data Breach for Semiconductor Manufacturers

Data breaches now average $4.5 million in damages. But what if your data could stay secured even when compromised or exfiltrated?

We often think of data breaches as inevitably catastrophic. But a new data-centric model questions this assumption and outlines a path toward a future where breaches become harmless.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  1. How data-centric security prevents data theft in semiconductor manufacturing.
  2. Real use cases with data-centric security.
  3. A review of recent data breaches and new threats.
  4. Data security beyond the edge of your network.
  5. Secure supply chain collaboration without slowing down productivity.

Join us for an insider view of the future of enterprise cybersecurity as we explore the transition from damaging breaches to harmless incidents through data-centric security. This webinar spotlights a new model that embeds protection directly into critical data to reduce breach risk and impact.