Protecting Intellectual Property in the Manufacturing Sector

Unlike Finance or Healthcare - with all its SOXs and HIPAAs – the global Manufacturing and Engineering sector is not exactly swimming in regulatory obligations. Studies have shown that a manufacturing organization is least likely to have an encryption strategy. In such a situation, sensitive data like Intellectual Property is at an exponentially high risk of unauthorized exposure.

Seclore’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) is a solution that allows organizations to impose strict usage control on sensitive information such as documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and emails. Seclore’s EDRM solution ensures end-to-end protection of documents shared within and outside the enterprise.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Seclore EDRM protects Intellectual Property in the manufacturing sector.

This whitepaper covers:

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Over 40 Million Documents and Emails Protected Each Month. Trusted by 2000+ Enterprises.

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