Seclore Security Now 2023: Unveiling Key Insights and Highlights

In its seventh year, Seclore Security Now 2023 immersed cybersecurity professionals in the evolving landscape. Aligned with India's Digital Data Protection Act, the event delved into the implications and applications of DPDPA, crucial for the booming IT sector. Themed "Cybersecurity Across Continents: Bridging the Divide," discussions underscored the global importance of data security in our interconnected world. During the event, there was a strong emphasis on ethical data practices and data-centric security throughout the data lifecycle, in response to the pressing need for robust solutions. As operations shift towards the cloud and automation continues to rise, the focus on compliance and safeguarding digital information has become increasingly important.

Read this event report to discover the essential takeaways and highlights of the event. From thought-provoking keynote speeches to engaging panel discussions, this report covers everything in between. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of the emerging trends, exciting opportunities, and key takeaways that were explored during the event.

This whitepaper covers:

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