Secloring Stories – Praj

Seclore’s Data-Centric Security solution enabled Praj Industries-A global company providing innovation in Bio-based technologies, to secure sensitive data like proposals, cost documents, designs specification and other IP, thereby also protecting their business interest and value. They can now share information with confidence as they are assured of controlling the data exposures at the recipients end.

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Asian Paints

Asian Paints, a leading chemical manufacturing company required data that was distributed from their IBM ECM system to be secure when downloaded and shared internally and externally. Additionally they needed this information to be compliant with regulators. See why Asian Paints choose Seclore’s automated approach to Rights Management.

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One of the largest global media and technology conglomerates needed to share sensitive information between multiple divisions, such as M&A correspondence, customer data, and scripts. Recognizing the risks, they complemented their DLP system with a Rights Management solution. See how Seclore’s DLP connector was able to automatically attach security policies as data traveled between divisions.

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Fugro Survey is a leading global business in the field of marine survey, geotechnical investigation and geosciences services. To carry out their surveys and generate reports, they required experts and expensive equipment. But lost reports meant loss business which is why they turned to Seclore for help.

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Every insurance company outsources a large part of its non-core operations to specialized vendors and business partners. Learn how an insurance company secured its policyholder and agent’s data that was being sent to their outsourced partner.

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A biopharmaceutical company delivering discovery-led in-house R&D programs, drug development, clinical research and integrated research services to leading global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies needed a solution to protect confidential intellectual property, research and legal agreements from unauthorized access. Learn how Seclore was able to protect all of their intellectual property.

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Primary responsibilities for a Bureau of Statistics Agency includes collecting, classifying, storing and analyzing economic, social, demographic and agricultural and environmental data. Due to the volume of a bureau’s data and the fact that data is the bedrock of their agency, security of the data being shared with third parties was critical. Learn how Seclore helped them protect data while keeping the flow of information moving.

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Life Insurance

For a life insurance company, information security and protecting policyholder personally identifiable information (PII) is critical especially when it’s being shared with business partners and agents. Learn how this life insurance company regained control of their data and was able to audit access and usage of files, as well as expire access to them.

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A fast growing international conglomerate in the consumer goods industry required the ability to research, create, collaborate and analyze data within their business units and with other groups and partners to stay competitive. Learn how their critical intellectual property, used to propel the company forward was secured from falling into the wrong hands.

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