Seclore Achieves SOC 2 Compliance and Enhances Data Privacy for GDPR

June 24, 2020 – Milpitas CA – Seclore, the only automated Data-Centric Security Platform, announced today that it had completed SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 certification. As more companies in highly regulated industries start using Seclore’s cloud service, the need for trust, transparency, and independent validation of security controls becomes crucial. The SOC 2 certification validates that ‘Seclored’ data stored or shared by enterprises, is protected with the most stringent requirements.

“Security has always been paramount to Seclore because organizations and government agencies rely on our solutions to protect their most valuable asset – data. Independent verification by a third party provides confidence to customers that their sensitive data is protected with rigorous measures,” said Abhijit Tannu, CTO of Seclore.

SOC 2 certification is widely recognized as a gold standard for data security. Completing both Type 1 and 2 certifications validate that Seclore’s solutions have met the five trust principles of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. The SOC 2 certification also demonstrates Seclore’s commitment to data security by protecting against unauthorized access, maintaining the availability of its cloud service, and protecting its customers’ sensitive information.

Seclore has also enhanced data privacy functionality in its products per the latest GDPR guidelines. The new enhancements significantly reduce data collection to essential, non-PII information for identity and access management purposes only, and consent management has been added for PII data belonging to organizations and its employees and partners. These capabilities reduce liability and ease GDPR compliance for organizations.

About Seclore:

Seclore offers the market’s first open, browser-based Data-Centric Security Platform, which gives organizations the agility to utilize best-of-breed solutions to discover, identify, protect, and track the usage of data wherever it goes, both within and outside of the organization’s boundaries. The ability to automate the data-centric security process enables organizations to protect information with minimal friction and cost. Over 2000 companies and government organizations in 29 countries are using Seclore to achieve their data security, governance, and compliance objectives.


Andrea Lauricella
Sr. Director, Marketing

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