Data-Centric Security Platform

Bringing together best-of-breed solutions to streamline the discovery, identification, protection, and tracking process


Seclore delivers a powerful and intelligent Data-Centric Security architecture to effectively synchronize and automate best-of-breed data-centric security solutions with existing enterprise systems to optimize security, enhance workflow, and minimize user friction.

At the core is the Seclore Unified Policy Manager that connects and automates the process between DLP/CASB, Classification, Rights Management, and SIEM systems. The unification through an open platform helps organizations remain agile, optimize administrative resources, extend the value of existing investments, and better secure and track documents.

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How Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform Orchestrates Securing and Tracking Documents

Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform

The Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform brings together best-of-breed Data-Centric Security Solutions to ensure the full protection and tracking of sensitive information. At the core is the Seclore Unified Policy Manager that integrates Data-Centric Security and Enterprise systems to streamline and automate the discovery, identification, protection and tracking process. The Seclore Unified Policy Manager does this through the following Seclore capabilities:

  • Connectors: Orchestrates the connection between Data-Centric Security solutions and with other enterprise systems to automate the overall process and ensure security gaps remain closed
  • DLP & CASB: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems (e.g. McAfee, Symantec, Forcepoint) and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) are integrated with Seclore to automatically secure files as they are discovered
  • Seclore Data Classification: Users add relevant visual and metadata labels to documents to identify what information is sensitive; metadata can then be utilized by other system such as Seclore Rights Management and DLP to automate processes
  • Seclore Rights Management: Provides granular, persistent usage controls and tracking of sensitive documents. Can be seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise solutions to automatically add protection to documents as they are downloaded, shared, discovered and classified
  • Seclore Identity Management: Our own LDAP system that functions like a full-fledged Identity and Access Management system to support external users
  • Policy Management: Manages the policies that control how recipients can utilize documents including federation of policies from other enterprise systems to automate protection and streamline policy management
  • Encryption & Key Management: Utilize encryption technology shipped with Seclore or seamlessly leverage your own preferred encryption methods
  • Data Usage: Consolidates detail document usage data for improved visibility to problematic behavior through the Seclore Dashboard; can be exported to any SIEM system for further analysis

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise applications can be easily integrated by the Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform including the ability to automatically apply usage controls as documents are downloaded and shared.

  • Active Directory/Single Sign On: Any Identity and Access Management, Identity Federation, or SSO system can be integrated with Seclore for simplified user authentication
  • ECM Systems: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems (e.g. IBM ECM, Microsoft SharePoint) are seamlessly integrated with Seclore to automatically add data-centric security at the point of download
  • DLP Systems: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems (e.g. McAfee DLP, Symantec DLP, Forcepoint) are integrated with Seclore to automatically secure files discovered by DLP
  • File Servers: File servers with folders (called ‘Hot Folders’) are configured to secure files as soon as they are placed inside them
  • External Key Management/HSM: Seclore works with governments & defense agencies so proprietary encryption / key management systems can be incorporated within Seclore’s technology. Keys protecting the information can be externalized and secured using hardware security models.
  • SIEM/Governance/Analytics: Detailed usage data on documents can be exported to a SIEM, GRC or other reporting tool for further analysis and reporting


Connect to a broad range of endpoints makes it easy to utilize protected documents across devices.

  • Seclore Desktop Client: A full-fledged Windows agent that offers the entire range of Seclore capabilities
  • Seclore Lite for Windows and Mac: Light-weight agents for Windows and Mac that can be installed without administrative privileges. These support commonly used file formats and includes native support for Microsoft Office. Also includes the Seclore Email Protector add-in for Outlook
  • Seclore Lite for iOS and Android: Free apps for iOS and Android devices that can be used to view and edit the most common file formats – from Office files to PDF and OpenOffice. They also support viewing and replying to protected emails. And all of this right from the app itself – with no other apps needed.
  • Seclore Lite Online: A secure, browser-based application for viewing, editing, and printing protected documents without installing any local software. Works with any browser – all you need is an internet connection

How to Strengthen Your Data-Centric Security Infrastructure

Seclore’s CEO, Vishal Gupta shares how to deploy a smart, integrated and automated Data-Centric Security Platform.

Gain insights on:

  • Extending the value and addressing limitations of individual Data-Centric Security technologies
  • Recommended approaches for deploying a best-of-breed Data-Centric Security infrastructure
  • Leveraging your existing investments to automate and streamline the discovery, classification, protection and tracking process

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