File Tracking and Audit Reporting


Rapidly Address Pressing Compliance Regulations with Data-Centric Security

Files protected with Seclore Rights Management transmit all usage back to the Seclore Policy Server. Sit back and relax while your file’s usage is comprehensively controlled & tracked – in real time. Automatic alerts can be set and reports can be created to facilitate data-centric audits and compliance with regulatory frameworks such as PCI, GDPR, Export Administration, and other regional data privacy legislation.

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Seclore’s Tracking and Audit Reporting

Extend your GRC Beyond the Perimeter

Welcome to the next generation of data governance!

With Seclore, your GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) framework actually travels with your information. In addition to controlling exactly who can do what with your files, you can also gain real-time visibility over anyone who touches your information, and what they do with the file, anywhere in the world, on any device or platform.

360° Control and Visibility of File Usage

Track all operations on your files (viewing, editing, printing, cut/paste, and screen captures) the time, and IP location of each activity, and much more. Send personalized dashboards and daily digests to your business heads on file usage.

Alerts on Unauthorized File Usage Attempts

Track even unauthorized attempts to access or use a file. So you’ll know something’s fishy when John tries to print your document fifteen times despite a warning message! Real-time alerts enable proactive intervention to problematic behavior.

Forensic-Level Data Usage Details

Uncover forensic details such as the IP address where the file was accessed from, machine name, file path and lots more – for every action performed on the file.

Integration with SIEM and Logging Tools

Empower your SIEM or log correlation tools to perform data-centric audits by integrating them with Seclore. Gain customized insights into data usage and obtain real-time alerts for unauthorized activities performed on your files – anywhere in the world. The seamless connectivity between your log correlation tools and Seclore IRM enables you to consolidate your audit reporting and map data-centric, file-level protection policies to business workflows.

Data-Centric Security = Simplified Compliance

Most Compliance and Data Governance frameworks today have a gaping hole: there is little or no auditing of data sent outside your network to third parties or accessed on mobile devices. Seclore’s data-centric governance empowers you to control, track, and audit your data usage wherever it goes, greatly improving your ability to comply with GDPR, PCI, Export Administration, and other regional data privacy legislation.


Addressing Compliance & Audit Reporting with Seclore

See how data-centric security will help you address pressing aspects of GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST and more.


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General Data Protection Regulation White Paper
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation designed to unify and normalize the data protection framework within the EU. If your organization is in the EU or you are a global company that handles personal data of EU citizens, persistent data-centric security can help you achieve your compliance objectives.


Complying with ITAR/EAR White Paper
Export of defense-related articles and services is one of the few areas in the manufacturing sector that is heavily regulated and fined for export violations. Companies in violation are hurt by the negative media coverage. An easy way to solve sensitive information from leaking is through an Rights Management solution.