Seclore Enhances Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) Solution With Advanced Security Capabilities

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwired – June 28, 2016) – Seclore, the leader in Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM), announced a new release of its Seclore EDRM solution, adding further advancements in persistent, data-centric security. The technology offers the most robust usage controls and advanced capabilities to ensure files are secure wherever they travel.

Seclore EDRM enables organizations in healthcare, legal, manufacturing and enterprise sectors to attach persistent, granular usage controls to any type of file as it is shared with collaborators, both within and outside of the company’s perimeter. The latest enhancements to Seclore’s EDRM allow users to control who can access the file, what they can do with the file (view, edit, copy, print, screen share, run macros), from where (by device or IP address) and when.

Additional features include:

  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK): Organizations can now align Seclore’s key exchange mechanism with their overall cryptographic key management and security strategy. The new and pioneering ‘Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)’ feature enables organizations to use key management systems such as Hardware Security Modules (e.g. HSMs). The BYOK capability provides enterprises with unprecedented flexibility in managing their security while still retaining complete control over their own data and encryption.
  • Two-factor Authentication for Server-to-Server Communication:Organizations can now use two-factor authentication using encryption keys that are enterprise controlled to lock down server-to-server communication.
  • Extended Watermarking: Watermarked viewing and printing is now available for all Seclore clients. Every document is rendered with a dynamic, user-specific watermark, which drastically reduces the risk of data leakage, even by mobile devices and cameras.
  • Strengthening Client-Server Communication: Seclore has now added another security layer within an SSL tunnel to protect all client-server communication and further strengthen internal product security. With data leakage stories making the headlines regularly, Seclore EDRM continues to focus on stringent security for its own communications.

“Most EDRM solutions on the market today have fatal security flaws that cause data leakage regardless of airtight network and server cybersecurity solutions” stated Abhijit Tannu, CTO at Seclore. “Even things as basic as the ability to cut and paste content from a protected document to an unprotected file, or the ability to share protected files via screen sharing are not controlled by current EDRM offerings on the market. We are dedicated to providing a data-centric security solution that fulfils the basic promise of ensuring files remain secure wherever and however they are shared, and this release is a great example of our commitment to our customers.”

The latest enhancements also features advances in ease-of-use and connectivity, including:

  • Email Protector Auto Discovery: New users are greeted with a quick illustration of how to use the Seclore Email Protector — and why. The new user interface reduces the need for user training and increases adoption
  • New File Protection User Interface (UI): Seclore has also introduced a new intuitive UI for protecting files and assigning user permissions. Searching and adding users is now much easier with intelligent, ‘autofill’ suggestions based on user inputs
  • Next-Generation Policy Federation: Parameters such as file owner, classification, and watermark content can now be federated from an integrated application. This enables tighter and more complete integration of any enterprise application with EDRM capabilities
  • Enhanced Agentless Access to Protected Files:Richer agentless access with all image formats supported in Seclore Lite Online
  • Advanced Policy Federation for Microsoft SharePoint: Enabling full Policy Federation capabilities ensures that downloaded files are automatically protected with the same permissions as in MS SharePoint. Granting or revoking permissions in MS SharePoint will be enforced even on previously downloaded files

“While providing the deepest security possible is our primary development goal, we also know that making EDRM easy-to-use for both the protector and recipient is crucial to adoption. As well, we know that to automate protection, you need to have connectors to other enterprise systems such as EFSS, DLP, ECM, ERP and legacy applications,” reported Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore. “With our latest release, we are rapidly incorporating next-generation security and automation features to ensure that we offer our customers a solution that will protect more files faster, and rapidly close the security gaps created with external collaboration.”

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About Seclore
Seclore’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management solution enables organizations to control the usage of files wherever they go, both within and outside of organizations’ boundaries. Featuring dozens of pre-built connectors for leading enterprise applications (EFSS, DLP, ECM, ERP, and email), Seclore automates the protection of documents as they are downloaded, discovered, and shared to accelerate adoption.

With the most advanced, automated and secure EDRM technology, Seclore was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan with a Growth Excellence award, by Deloitte as one of the ’50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies,’ and by Gartner as a ‘Cool Vendor,’ due to innovations in browser-based access to protected documents. With over 4 million users across 400 companies in 29 countries, Seclore is helping organizations achieve their data security, governance, and compliance objectives.

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