Seclore FileSecure integrates with Symantec DLP

India, Mumbai – 4th May 2010 – The union of Seclore FileSecure and Symantec DLP brings about the integration of two complimentary capabilities that creates a commanding security solution to protect the transmission of confidential data.Accessing, sharing and disseminating information is crucial to the smooth functioning of any organisation. But with offices going more mobile than ever, the threat to confidential data is on the rise. Organisations face losses in millions of dollars every time there is a data breach. While DLP and IRM have both, in their own way, been instrumental in changing the way they protect information leakage, each has its own share of benifits and limitations. Now, with the integration between Seclore FileSecure and Symantec Network Discover DLP, enterprises can enjoy the benefits of a complete security solution when data is on the move, at rest or in motion.

Seclore’s FileSecure has already established itself as a tool for persistent document protection, an effective instrument through which companies can have total control over crucial data even after the documents have been distributed. As far as DLP technology goes, Symantec leads the pack by catering to the enterprises’ demand for an all-encompassing protector of confidential information across endpoint, network and storage systems.

When Symantec DLP detects the misuse of confidential data, it prevents the information from being distributed further or removes it from the file servers. Complimenting that, Seclore’s FileSecure places usage controls at every level of the use and transmission of the data so that the risk of breach of security is minimal. Thus, for enterprises, the alliance between Seclore’s FileSecure and Symantec’s DLP translates into easier transmission of data without compromising on the security aspect.

Media Contact
Ms. Ritu Pande
Head – Corporate Communication

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