Seclore FileSecure released with DLP integration framework, granular rights and 2 factor authentication

India, Mumbai – 18th January 2010 – Seclore, the fastest growing Information Rights Management product company today announced the availability of Seclore FileSecure v2.15.The release includes:

DTP framework for integrating with DLP systems: This unique framework of IRM-DLP integration architecture provides a seamless interface for content aware DLP technologies to use Seclore FileSecure’s rights management capabilities. The framework allows all components of a DLP system i.e. Endpoint security & Network / mail security to automatically tag and protect information based on content classification using Seclore FileSecure. This brings automated discovery, tagging and security to all enterprise information when it travels within and outside of the enterprise.”With the DTP framework it becomes very easy for DLP system providers to integrate with Seclore FileSecure, thus extending the reach of the otherwise ‘enterprise-only’ technology beyond the walls of the enterprise” says Rahul Kopikar, Head of Business Development of SecloreBuilt in two factor authentication:

Seclore FileSecure comes with a technology to lock information (on first use) to physical machines such that the information can now be accessed only by that user identity i.e. what he/she knows and that specific machine i.e. what he has ! In case of the user identity being compromised or malicious users sharing identities, the critical information of the enterprise can still be protected. By allowing information to be optionally locked down to physical machines the most common needs of multi factor authentication system can be served by the Seclore FileSecure.

Highly granular rights:
A lot of times users avoid IRM technologies because rights are “all or none”. In most IRM systems if a user needs to run macros OR share a document over a desktop sharing utility OR allow parts of a document to be copied then he needs “full control” rights. Such scenarios force enterprises to give “full control” of information to users thus defeating the purpose of security. Seclore FileSecure comes with granular rights for enabling / disabling use of macros, screen capture tools, copy/paste functionality as well as distribution of information within a closed group. This granularity means that people can be allowed to perform their regular tasks without inhibiting their productivity while ensuring that information security is maintained.

“Seclore has introduced new concepts in the IRM space which will significantly enhance the value and ease the adoption of IRM techologies for enterprises” said Vishal Gupta, CEO of Seclore

About Seclore
Seclore is a high growth software product company promoted by IIT Bombay. Seclore FileSecure and Seclore InfoSource help mitigate the risk arising out of information breaches and regulatory non-compliance whilst enhancing collaboration. This is done by providing ubiquitous technology for information control within and outside of the enterprise which seamlessly works with existing infrastructure, is easy to deploy & use and comes with pay-as-you-use pricing. Seclore is present globally with customers across industry segments.

Media Contact
Ms. Ritu Pande
Head – Corporate Communication

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