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Seclore is Protecting the World’s Information……
6,000 Customers….
840,000 Users…..
2,000,000,000 Protected Files….
29 Countries

Enterprise Digital Rights Management: Myth or Miracle?

Listen to our latest webcast featuring Gartner Analyst, John Girard on his view of data-centric security.

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Customer Highlights

Five organizations share how they are using Seclore Rights Management to protect sensitive information wherever it travels.


Why Seclore Rights Management

Most Advanced

Protect Any File Format. Utilize Any Device. Access Protected Files in Browser.

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Most Secure

Deepest Usage Controls, Separation of Keys/Content, No Security Loopholes.

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Most Connected

Robust Library of Pre-Built Connectors, Seamless Policy Federation.

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Deepest Expertise

Over 6,000 Global Customers, Proven Scalability, Focus on Data Security.

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3-Minute Demo of Seclore Rights Management

See how Seclore is enabling organizations to persistently protect and audit their data and files wherever they travel.


3-Minute Demo of Seclore Data Classification

See how Seclore Data Classification and Seclore Rights Management work together to streamline your data-centric security.


Data-Centric Security Solutions for Your Industry

Data-Centric Security Solutions for Your Industry

Exostar, a provider of a secure collaboration platform that helps highly regulated industries securely collaborate throughout the value chain, uses Seclore Rights Management to address NIST compliance requirements.
Hear How Exostar is Protecting Their Corporate Reputation with Seclore
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Rights Management provides LAM Research the ability to share technical documents, IPs in various formats like PDFs, CAD files, PDFs, Images with customers without having to worry about it getting stolen.Having the enhanced document control capability in their company has significantly reduced the risk of Intellectual property loss and it has also instilled trust amongst its customers.
Hear How LAM Research is Protecting Their Corporate Reputation with Seclore
MCAG, provider of class action settlement services and financial audits, added Seclore Rights Management to their IT infrastructure to add granular control over the usage of data by employees and third parties.
Hear How MCAG is Protecting Their Corporate Reputation with Seclore
Donnelly Financial Services is using Seclore Rights Management as part of their Virtual Data Room offering, Venue, to secure sensitive information during collaboration processes
Hear How Donnelly Financial Services is Protecting Their Corporate Reputation with Seclore

“With Seclore now integrated into our Cybersecurity Services, we support Linedata clients in solving a growing imperative in regulatory and fundamental data protection.”
— Gary Brackenridge, Global Co-head of Asset Management and Servicing, Linedata

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“By automating data-centric security with an integrated solution, Seclore and Boldon James are removing what has been one of the stickiest barriers for protecting information end-to-end – the complexities of user adoption.”
— Martin Sugden, CEO, Boldon James

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