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Praj Industries

Secloring Stories – Praj Industries

Vijayakumar Ramachandran, AVP, Praj Industries, talks about how Seclore’s Information Rights Management help them to protect, prevent, and prevail their valuable data and achieve security hygiene and enforceable NDA.

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IDC Report: Data-Centric Secure Coming of Age, Enabled with Automation

This technology spotlight from IDC Analyst Frank Dickson will help your organization navigate the challenges around determining what data to protect and the appropriate security policies, in addition to how to keep security policies up-to-date and make sense of audit data for data-centric intelligence.

IDC -Webcast

IDC Webcast: Analyst Frank Dickson reveals how to deploy data-centric security quickly and easily

If you are constantly chasing data moving within the enterprise, to the cloud, and beyond, this webcast illustrates how to quickly and easily implement a data-centric security strategy. Listen to Frank Dickson, IDC Analyst, and Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore, focus on key advances in the areas of automation and artificial intelligence, which have made large-scale …

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Secloring Stories - HDFC Bank

Secloring Stories – HDFC Bank

Mukund Inamdar, VP Information Security, HDFC Bank, talks about how Seclore enables them to achieve customer data protection objectives and establish a reporting mechanism for enhanced governance.

Qatar Islamic Bank Case Study

Secloring Stories – Qatar Islamic Bank

Listen to Anugya Saraswat, Information Security Specialist, Qatar Islamic Bank, elaborating how Seclore, an easy-to-use solution, enables them to collaborate securely with third parties, protect data, and meet compliance requirements.

Secloring Stories - Magma Fincorp

Secloring Stories – Magma Fincorp

Ken Dsouza, CISO, Magma Fincorp, talks about using Seclore for secure collaboration with third parties, audit reporting, and adherence to the RBI regulatory requirements.

Seclore for Spirion

Seclore for Spirion

Seclore-Spirion integration provides the best of breed combination of privacy-grade identification tools and file-level security. Organizations gain a better understanding of the sensitive data they possess while securing it wherever it travels. The automation and accuracy of Spirion’s data identification, discover the hidden information in data, and Seclore Rights Management apply various control levels to …

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Secloring Stories - Clarien Bank

Secloring Stories – Clarien Bank

Listen to Derick Burton, Head of Information Security & Cyber Risk Management, Clarien Bank, talk about how Seclore helps protect data from multiple threats like internal, malicious, and third-party and enables them to deliver their customer aspirations.

Secloring Stories - Blue Star

Secloring Stories – Blue Star

Listen to Austin Gomes, Head IT Infra & Information Security, Blue Star, talk about the organization’s data security journey with Seclore, including IP protection, risk-free external collaboration, and meeting corporate governance norms.