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Quick Introduction to Seclore

CEO, Vishal Gupta introduces Seclore Rights Management and how the technology protects sensitive data that needs to be share externally.

New Challenges of Securing Shared Information

iSMG Banking Info interviews Seclore’s VP of Global Marketing, Lynne Courts on how Seclore rights management is solving the compliance regulation for information that is traveling beyond your corporate borders.

RFP Guide

RFP Guide

Considering EDRM technology for your organization? This comprehensive RFP guide will help you evaluate the capabilities that you need to meet your most important security risks.

Enterprise Digital Rights Management for Manufacturing

Manufacturing may not be swimming in regulations, but the loss of intellectual property can be damaging to the bottom line if the information ends up in the wrong hands. Find out where your security is lacking and what you can do to protect it.

Enterprise Digital Rights Management for Telecommunications

Enter the age of the borderless enterprise. Today, Telecommunication companies share information with outsourced vendors, temporary contractors, employee’s personal mobile devices, etc. If you’re a Telco, learn all the vulnerability areas and how you can protect your most sensitive information and while staying compliant.

Seclore for Media and Entertainment Companies

When blockbuster movies get leaked before their release date or private emails get shared with the public, this can severely damage a media company’s bottom line and reputation. Leading Media companies are protecting their intellectual property with Seclore’s ERM to secure data for external collaboration. Learn more.

Compliance with RBI Guidelines

Banks in India are stepping up their efforts to cope with outsourcing of sensitive data to third parties and being compliant with RBI and PCI-DSS. With Seclore EDRM, you are no longer at the mercy of your vendor’s environment. Learn how you can protect data and meet compliance regulations.