Seclore releases FileSecure for persistent document protection!

India, 28th July 2008 – Seclore Technology (incubated by IIT, Bombay) develops innovative solutions in the area of information usage control. Seclore’s expertise lies in protection of data irrespective of its location. Seclore is the leading provider of information security.

Seclore Technology announced today the release of FileSecure to address document protection needs of enterprises. FileSecure will enable Enterprises to be in full control of the usage of their documents even after the documents are distributed. FileSecure ensures that usage restrictions are applied every time the document is accessed, regardless of its physical location. This gives the owners full control on who can use their information and how the usage can be allowed. Also, the usage policies can be remotely updated and applied without having to re-send the document!

Using Seclore FileSecure, Enterprises and Individuals can apply document usage rights for restricting or allowing actions like viewing, editing, printing and distribution. FileSecure supports multiple file formats including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, Text based Files and Images. It provides document security for documents on Laptops, Desktops or File Servers. FileSecure applies access and usage restrictions on documents independent of how they are shared (CD, Emails, Pen drives, FTP, Shared folders, Messengers etc). FileSecure is compliant with requirements of standards like Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 27000-1 and HIPAA etc.

FileSecure is aptly positioned to address document protection and information security needs of the BFSI and Engineering Services companies. Companies in these industries need to share sensitive data with business partners, but would like to retain the control of the information shared. Existing security mechanisms enable enterprises to provide access control; however, they cannot fully control how the information is used by the recipient. Also, once the document is shared, there is almost no way to re-call or unshare the document, if such a need arises.

FileSecure not only provides the flexibility to define different usage rights for different users on the same document, but also these rights can be changed dynamically and made applicable without having to resend the document. FileSecure provides comprehensive information rights management to enterprises by addressing needs for encryption, information security from unauthorized access and information control to allow only authorized usage.

About Seclore
Seclore is a high growth software product company promoted by IIT Bombay. Seclore’s products FileSecure and InfoSource help mitigate the risk arising out of information breaches and regulatory non-compliance whilst enhancing collaboration. This is done by providing ubiquitous technology for information control within and outside of the enterprise which seamlessly works with existing infrastructure, is easy to deploy & use and comes with pay-as-you-use pricing. Seclore’s clients include ICICI Bank, HDFC, Kotak, and L&T & Thyssenkrupp.

Media Contact
Ms. Ritu Pande
Head – Corporate Communication

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