Data-Centric Security – A Common Sense Approach to GDPR

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is about protecting people and their data privacy. As with any regulation, it sets expectation and establishes punitive damages to organizations that don’t comply, to the tune of 4% of their annual net revenue.

Any company, within or outside of the EU, must ensure it can fully protect the data of EU citizens. That includes being able to control exactly who can access and utilize the information and the ability to revoke access to the data upon the request of the citizen.

Data-Centric Security & GDPR

If your organization is based in the EU or transacts business with companies in the EU, you are likely required to comply with GDPR.

At its core, GDPR is about ensuring you can control and audit data wherever it travels. One straight forward approach is to attach data-centric security to any customer information that is stored on your own servers and that you share with third parties.

Robin Basham talks about GDPR compliance

Robin Basham, Founder of EnterpriseGRC,
talks about a common-sense approach to GDPR
compliance in this 10-minute video interview.

Three reasons data-centric security is ideal for addressing key aspects of GDPR


Data-centric security goes beyond standard file encryption in that the protection remains with the data, controlling who can use the information and what they can do with the file even while it is being utilized.


You can revoke access to information no matter where it resides, inside or outside of the organization.


You can track the use of information wherever it travels, including which device or IP address the information was utilized from; automated tracking makes GDPR audit reporting easier.
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