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Securing Valuable Client Data


Law firms possess within their care, custody and control valuable Intellectual Property (“IP”) from their clients. Whether the document is an AutoCAD drawing, directions for the client’s proprietary “secret sauce” or pharma clinical trials, these documents need to be held and shared securely. Learn how Seclore can assist law firms confidently secure client data and safely collaborate using proper access controls and real-time auditing capabilities. Read our business use cases.

Get Visibility Across Your Organization

There are many areas where sensitive data can be compromised. Scroll over the four departments in the diagram below to see where your legal firm may be vulnerable and exposed to data loss.

Rights Management Can Help Law Firms With Compliance

As security breaches continue to escalate, clients are under more regulatory requirements with hefty fines. In order to work with your firm, they need confirmation that their data is safe with you and will not violate any laws such as GDPR, PCI DSS and FFIEC.

Seclore’s Rights Management ensures that your information is always secure, even when sending data to external agencies, the cloud or mobile devices. Granular usage permissions (view, edit, print, copy, run macros, screen capture) can be applied to a file and updated any time from any location even with previously shared information. And all usage information is tracked for real-time audit trails to meet compliance regulations. No longer do you have to worry about internal employees, opposing counsels or third-parties losing data – whether it’s accidental or malicious. Your data remains safe and in your control at all times.


Enterprise Digital Rights Management for Legal

There are five places legal firms are at risk for a data breach. Learn what they are and how securing sensitive data will protect your law firm’s value.