Secure Your Sensitive Data Wherever It Travels


If you are like many Telecom companies, you are likely heavily reliant on outsourcing and partnerships as a central pillar of your business strategy. This outsourcing is accompanied by an exchange of information, some private such as customer information, that goes beyond your perimeter and beyond your control. Your vendors and partners may not have malicious intent, but a breach to their system could compromise your data. Learn more by reading our business use cases.

Data-Centric Security for Your IP and Customer Data

There are many areas where sensitive data can be at risk. Scroll over the top six departments in the diagram below to see where your Telecommunications company may be most exposed to data leakage.

Find out how to address GDPR with Data-Centric Security.

Meet Compliance with Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform

Telecommunication firms today face legal action, penalties, and negative press for a data breach at a vendor location or from the leakage of confidential data by employees. With Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform, you can secure your information permanently and consistently – with no dependence on the network, storage, transmission, or access mode. Data expires automatically after it’s purpose is served (such as bidding documents) and all data access and usage is logged and reported in real time for audit and compliance purposes. And pre-built connectors are available for seamless integration with enterprise applications so security policies are inherited and applied to files.

Customer Spotlight


One of the largest global media and technology conglomerates needed to share sensitive information between multiple divisions, such as M&A correspondence, customer data, and scripts. Recognizing the risks, they complemented their DLP system with a Rights Management solution. See how Seclore’s DLP connector was able to automatically attach security policies as data traveled between divisions.