Securing Policyholder Data Wherever it Goes

As an insurance company you are likely to collaborate with a vast network of agents, partners, contractors, subsidiaries – the list is endless. This collaboration often involves sending your policyholder and sensitive corporate data outside your firewall and beyond the reach of your data security and governance system, leaving you reliant on your third parties’ security environments. Learn more by reading our business use cases.

Data-Centric Security for Your Policyholder & Other Sensitive Data Wherever It Goes

There are many areas where sensitive data can be lost. Scroll over the six departments in the diagram below to see where your insurance company may be exposed to risks.

GRC / Risk & Audit Reports

Regulatory and Compliance Reports, MIS Reports and Audit Data changes hands on a daily basis with internal and external parties.

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Underwriting / Policies & Claims

Claims data and underwriting information are shared with various business units and third parties.

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Commissions / Statements

Highly confidential information such as pay-out data and commissions are sent across and beyond the organization.

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Contracts & Legal

Comprises of financial reporting, regulatory reporting and expense management information that is shared with various departments and stakeholders.

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Outsourcing / Customer Data

Critical to operations and profitability, policyholder information containing transactions, reports and statements are shared with agents, internal teams and third parties.

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HR / Employee Data

Employee data is shared across business units and with outsourced agencies such as payroll and benefit companies.

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Find out how to address GDPR with Data-Centric Security.

Meet Compliance with Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform

Regardless of where your policyholders’ data resides, whether inside or outside your insurance company, personally identifiable information is subject to regulations such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Seclore Data-Centric Security Platform helps ensure that your information is always secure, even if data is sent to external agencies, shared via the cloud or accessed on mobile devices.

Customer Spotlight

MCAG, provider of class action settlement services and financial audits, added Seclore Rights Management to their IT infrastructure to add granular control over the usage of data by employees and third parties.