Application Data Security Use Cases

PII Data in CRM and Ticket Management Systems

or sent in an email, the security is lost – creating a data and compliance risk. Integration of CRM and Ticket Management applications with Seclore Rights Management ensures the security of customer sensitive data at the point of download and export. Seclore automatically attaches persistent, granular usage controls (view, edit, print, share, screen share) to the downloaded or exported document. Only authorized users can access the information even if they reside outside the organization. The usage controls can be modified or revoked in real-time to prevent mishandling of the data, saving organizations millions of dollars in penalties and lawsuits for compliance violations.

Securing M&A from VDRs

Security policies on the protected documents are federated from the VDR, so they remain consistent wherever the document travels. User activities (view, edit, print, share) on the documents provide valuable insights to the sellers. The duration spent on each document is another indicator of buyer intent and helps predict the next steps in the deal.

Tracking User Activities in SIEMs

With Seclore Right Management, persistent, granular usage controls (view, edit, print, share) can be automatically applied to discovered data and tracked wherever it travels – even outside their perimeter. All authorized actions and unauthorized attempts on documents are tracked with detailed information of each user event. This forensic data is seamlessly pulled into a SIEM system to depict a centralized view of the enterprise data across users, applications, and platforms, in a single pane of glass view. The centralized dashboard of all data-centric security tools provides valuable insights into the enterprise’s employee behavior (UEBA) initiatives.