Protect Sensitive Data Downloaded From Enterprise Applications

Most organizations use at least one enterprise-wide application such as ERP, CRM, EFSS for managing business functions and collaboration between employees and external partners. These applications restrict access and impose controls within the platform. However, as soon as sensitive data leaves the application, all protections are lost, increasing the risk of data loss.

The Security Challenge with Enterprise Applications

Enterprises applications usually contain sensitive data to the business and enforce access controls within the applications’ perimeter, but that is not enough. Data extracted from these applications, either as documents or reports, lose the security once downloaded from the application, nor can the document be tracked.

Leverage Policies Already Created in Existing Systems

With Seclore Rights Management, persistent, granular usage controls are automatically applied on sensitive documents as soon as they are downloaded from or uploaded to the application. Security controls already defined in the application are attached to the documents when downloaded or emailed and even when shared externally. Organizations can confidently allow employees and partners to use these applications and collaborate, with minimal impact to their productivity.

Seclore Application Data Security
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