External Collaboration and Outsourcing Use Cases

Mergers and Acquisitions

does not go through, the information stands exposed to misuse without leaving any trace. If the transaction does go through, the information leakage would be a strategic, competitive, and regulatory risk for the new organization. Seclore Rights Management prevents misuse and unauthorized sharing of this sensitive information. As soon as the due diligence process is complete, all document copies can be revoked and made inaccessible to all parties.

Outsourced Printing

received every month. The customer data contained in the statements are often subject to privacy regulations. With Seclore, customer personal data can be accessed only by named users and on specific devices within the vendor’s office location. Access to the data is automatically expired so that once the processing is complete, it becomes inaccessible.

Suppliers Access to Intellectual Property

that have been matured over the years and carefully guarded as organizational secrets. This type of data is often strategic to the organization’s business and competitively sensitive. Protecting sensitive documents with granular usage controls (view, edit, print, share, screen share) ensures they are accessed only by specific users or groups and cannot be misused.

Bid Submissions

while security often takes a back seat. However, if the bid information gets shared with the wrong party either deliberately or accidentally, it could be the difference between winning and losing the bid. With Seclore, documents can be put in a shared file folder with pre-defined usage controls. Seclore automatically applies the usage policies (view, edit, print, share, screen share) to the document when downloaded. When the transaction is complete, access is removed from anyone who no longer needs it.

Data Shared on Project Basis

strategic details about that initiative. If strategic plans, financial details, or operational metrics are leaked outside the usual channels, it could cause significant business impact. All project documents are stored in a specific folder and automatically protected. When someone internal or external leaves the project team or the organization, access is automatically revoked. Even files copied locally or residing in email inboxes will become inaccessible.