Complying with the FIFA 2022 World Cup Cybersecurity Framework

The use of digital technologies has become pivotal to the everyday lifestyle. It is being used to run the government, public services, support international sports events and enterprises.

In 2013, Qatar published its National Cyber Security Strategy, representing a blueprint for improving Qatar’s cyber security. Qatar’s national cyber security strategy acknowledges the basic fact that “cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and only collective and collaborative efforts can address its complex challenges”.

The Qatar Cybersecurity Framework

As the state of Qatar prepares to deliver a successful and secure World Cup in 2022, a unified system of cybersecurity safeguards is vital for the international event. Since multiple entities that provide world cup services must execute interdependent activities in a tight eco-system at the national level, this unified safeguard system is defined in the FIFA World Cup Cybersecurity Framework. Organizations need a new approach in securing and governing their data – both inside and outside organizational boundaries. Seclore’s EDRM can help agencies inside and outside of Qatar comply with the relevant FIFA Cybersecurity Framework and achieve comprehensive data governance for their information.

FIFA 2022 Cybersecurity Framework Whitepaper

Three Reasons Why Data-Centric Security Helps Comply with the Qatar Cybersecurity Framework


Control who can use the information and till what extent


Revoke access to information – whether it is inside or outside the organization – whenever you deem necessary


Track the use of information wherever it travels and automatically generate reports consisting of details such as the devices and IP addresses that use the information

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