Incoming Data Protection

Secure sensitive data received from
Customers, Partners, and Vendors

Protect incoming sensitive data from customers, partners, and vendors before your employees receive it.

Organizations generally are focused and worried about the data shared by their employees with vendors and partners. They receive sensitive data and fail to secure it risk exposing their company to compliance fines, insider threats, data breaches, reputational damage, and lost customer loyalty. The rise of tighter consumer regulations and penalties, such as GDPR, CCPA, and DPA, puts additional pressure on organizations to secure all sensitive data.

Safeguard Your Incoming Data with Automated Protection Seclore Data Protection Portal automatically protects sensitive information shared through the portal with persistent, granular usage controlsbefore reaching employees’ inboxes. Read more about it.

Protecting Incoming Information – How to… and Why it Matters

In this vlog, Vishal Gupta, CEO at Seclore discusses the importance of protecting incoming sensitive information:

  • Why is it important for organizations to protect incoming information?
  • What are some of the use cases for protecting incoming information?
  • How can organizations easily protect incoming information?
  • Is it easy for employees to use the protected information?

Keeping Incoming Information Secure with Seclore

“Seclore is the only solution that offers holistic data-centric security. It is the only solution that provides data security on the cloud, especially when we are using SharePoint day in and day out.”
Transformative Learning is using Seclore Rights Management and Classification-Driven Data Protection to ensure that their intellectual property and all outsourced documents remain fully protected when shared via email or on the cloud.