IP Protection Use Cases

Securing Pharma IP

competitive advantage and be a threat to its reputation. Access to the EFSS system is restricted and every file access is tracked and monitored. However, as soon as the documents are downloaded from the platform, all control is lost. Seclore ensures that documents get automatically Seclore protected when exported or downloaded from the application. Granular access control (view, edit, print) ensured that each action – authorized usage and unauthorized attempts are controlled as well as tracked even after it is downloaded. This ensures that the core IP of the company remains secure wherever it goes.

Securing Critical Sales Information

to competition would be a huge setback and create a threat to competitive advantage. Usually when Sales employees leave the organization, especially to join competition, they take a copy of the entire critical info with them. Using Seclore, organizations can avoid this completely, as soon as an employee leaves the firm, access to all Seclore protected documents will be automatically revoked, even if they have a local copy. This ensures all critical sales data is always secure.

Securing Information in Patent Application

With Seclore, these documents can be protected with granular access provided only to the parties who need access. Even if these protected documents get leaked, unintended recipients would not be able to access this information.

Securing Customer’s IP

Seclore helps these manufacturers secure customer IP by ensuring that data gets protected automatically before it reaches their premises. Only the intended recipients can access the documents and each authorized access and unauthorized attempt is monitored. Controls like the dynamic watermarking ensured that the relevant information was displayed on the document watermark based on the user who accessed the document. Seclore helps manufacturers and vendors secure customer IP and save millions of dollars in lawsuits and litigation.