Microsoft 365 Use Cases

Control Business-Critical and Regulatory Data Stored in the Cloud

One of the significant concerns that organizations have is the security of sensitive information stored in the cloud outside their organization’s control. With Seclore for Microsoft 365, documents are automatically protected with persistent, granular usage controls as soon as they are uploaded to SharePoint Online. The usage controls remain with the document wherever it goes, even if it is downloaded and shared from Microsoft 365.

Prevent Insider Threats When Employees Transfer Departments

If employees can access documents from previous roles and projects, this access poses a significant insider risk. With Seclore for Microsoft 365, documents downloaded are protected automatically with persistent, granular usage controls. Any change in the access to project-level documents is reflected in real-time on downloaded documents. Employees can no longer gain access to documents from previous roles or projects, even if documents are on their desktop. The immediate revocation of access to documents reduces the exposure to insider threat and lowers administrative overhead.

Secure IP When Collaborating with Partners

They leverage Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online to share links to these files, so vendors can download simulations and work on them. With Seclore for Microsoft 365, all IP shared externally is automatically protected with persistent, granular usage controls (view, edit, print, share, screen share) upon download. An expiry date can also be set up on documents for access to expire automatically. Once the project is completed, permissions can be revoked in real-time, regardless of where the document resides. By adding usage controls to IP, users can confidently collaborate on the Microsoft Office 365 cloud with colleagues and external partners with minimal impact on their productivity.

Seamless Collaboration of Protected Documents Through Microsoft Teams

Both employees and partners can collaborate over Microsoft Teams and work on confidential information through the platform. Microsoft Teams channels use SharePoint Online as the backend document repository, in which documents uploaded into the Microsoft Teams channels are stored in SharePoint Online. Seclore’s automatic protection in SharePoint Online ensures that any file uploaded into SharePoint through Microsoft Teams gets automatically secured. Thus, sensitive information and company IP accessible through Microsoft Teams remain secure. Support for single-click access of these documents directly from Microsoft Teams in the native application allows users to utilize these protected documents seamlessly. Users do not need to go to SharePoint or even download the document to edit it. Heavy Excel users can continue to use the keyboard shortcuts and get work done fast. Ease of use results in a minimum impact on employee productivity while maintaining high-grade security.

Protecting Sensitive Data Classified by Microsoft’s Sensitivity Labels

Organizations are challenged with identifying what data is sensitive and where it resides. Also, adding to the complexity are data protection laws becoming stricter around personal information. Often data classification is required to meet data protection compliances. However, classified documents with a visual label are not protected and are vulnerable to leakage or theft.

Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels automatically applies persistent, granular usage controls to classified data. Wherever sensitive classified emails or documents reside, access and security permissions can be modified or revoked on them immediately. Also, activities performed on the protected documents are automatically tracked and viewed on a security dashboard to meet audit requirements.