Seamlessly Add Rights Management to Microsoft 365

Many organizations are now using Microsoft 365 as a platform for storing of company data and enabling collaboration among employees and partners. Sharing documents through Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business has now become a standard practice. However, storing sensitive data on Microsoft Cloud and sharing it with remotely located employees and partners increases the risk of data leakage.

Microsoft 365 Security Challenges

The growing acceptance of remote work has popularized the use of cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 to reduce collaboration challenges. However, this has also increases security challenges pertaining to the sensitive data and Intellectual Property (IP) residing on the cloud. Organizations tend to lose any control over their data once it is downloaded and shared with remote employees, partners, and other third parties.

Adopt Microsoft 365 Without Risking Security

Seclore for Microsoft 365 helps organizations automatically protect sensitive data with persistent, granular usage controls (view, edit, print, share, screen share) when emailed, uploaded or downloaded. As a result, security controls already defined in SharePoint are automatically applied on the documents even if they are downloaded and shared externally.

Seclore works seamlessly with the following Microsoft 365 applications:

Seclore for Microsoft 365 Protection
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