NIAP Use Cases

Bid Information Shared with Sub-Contractors

and technical specifications. Sharing this data with multiple entities becomes a huge security and compliance risk. These are state secrets that are available in the hands of several individuals with very little or no way to control their access. Protecting this information with Seclore before sharing it, ensures that the federal agency always has control over their own information. Once the contract is awarded, all the information is retracted to ensure there is no residual risk of sensitive data residing with unauthorized users.

Classification-Driven Protection in a Bank

It cannot ensure that the risk of customer data loss is fully mitigated. Accidental or malicious misuse could still occur without leaving any traces of illegitimate data sharing. When the Classification tool is integrated with Rights Management, the system is now smart enough to automatically encrypt confidential data that is above a certain classification level. Applying Rights Management policies ensures that even authorized users get restricted access to those documents. Users leaving the organization will automatically have their access revoked, even for data residing outside the enterprise network.

Public Infrastructure and Transport

and developing new communities. This information is confidential and should not be made public before it is announced in the right forum. Without data protection, these details tend to leak out and become a source of embarrassment for everyone involved. Providing this data to all agencies in a secured manner with Rights Management ensures that only the right agency can access it. They cannot pass it on to anyone else or misuse it in anyway. The information can be tracked at the most granular level and retracted at any time.