Automatically Protect Sensitive Data Shared with Third Parties

Most of the organizations are now outsourcing their business processes to reduce workforce costs and increase organizational efficiency. It has also become a rather common strategy to hire external vendor with specific skillsets for independent projects or strategic initiatives. Both of these trends, while strategically viable, also tend to pose a security risk as it involves trusting non-employees with sensitive information and access to internal systems.

Security Challenges with Outsourcing

Ideally, sensitive information should not leave the organizational perimeter. However, with external vendors entering the scene, sharing such information becomes inevitable. Further, once the information leaves the perimeter, it becomes difficult to track its journey and control who can or cannot share it. Some of the challenges of outsourcing include:

NDAs can be enforced only in case a breach occurs

Hard to legally prove theft or misuse of data

Rogue contract employee steals and misuses sensitive data

Accidental misuse of sensitive data

Secure Collaboration with Seclore

Seclore ensures that organizations can automatically attach persistent granular usage controls (view, edit, share, print, screen capture, etc) to emails and documents. This empowers the organization’s to grant external vendors restricted access to documents containing sensitive information such as legal agreements, executive hiring information, financial records etc. This also allows organizations to revoke their access from sensitive information after the project is complete and the external vendor is no longer in the picture.

Use Case

Outbound Data Protection

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