Use Cases: GDPR Compliance

Complying with GDPR using Seclore ERM

ERM technology has helped numerous EU organizations reduce security risks and align data privacy strategies to modern regulatory requirements. With GDPR coming in, organizations must adopt ERM for secure collaboration. Learn how Seclore’s ERM solution can help organizations comply with various clauses of GDPR.

" Seclore Desktop and Mobile Apps"

Seclore Desktop and Mobile Apps

Seclore’s apps for Windows and Mac let users protect and work with protected files and emails without requiring administrative privileges. Extending data-centric security to mobile, Seclore apps for iOS and Android allow users to open and work with protected files in the native application or online browser.

Secloring Stories - Clarien Bank

Secloring Stories – Clarien Bank

Listen to Derick Burton, Head of Information Security & Cyber Risk Management, Clarien Bank, talk about how Seclore helps protect data from multiple threats like internal, malicious, and third-party and enables them to deliver their customer aspirations.

Secloring Stories – Linde Engineering

Secloring Stories – Linde Engineering

Listen to Martin Rittmeister, Head of Global IT Application Services, Linde Engineering talk about using Seclore to get an extra level of security for their sensitive information, including Strategic Documents, Employee Health Records, Financials, RFPs, and GDPR.