Use Cases: Insider Threat Protection

Secloring Stories: Archer-Daniels-Midland

Secloring Stories: Archer-Daniels-Midland

One of the world’s leading food processing company on data security strategies. Listen to Liz Wagoner, Director of Data Protection, Archer-Daniels-Midland, talks to Nipun Mohanty of Seclore, about enabling secure and seamless 3rd party collaboration with Seclore.

Seclore for Microsoft teams

Seclore for Microsoft Teams

Watch how Seclore Rights Management seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams to protect sensitive information for secure collaboration.

Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels - Demo

Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels – Demo

Watch how Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels extends data-centric security to Microsoft’s sensitivity labels making it easy for organizations that require greater document security and tracking, to add persistent usage control policies to documents and emails based on classification labels.

Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels - Datasheet

Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels – Datasheet

Read more about how Seclore for Microsoft Sensitivity Labels provides automatic data protection with persistent, granular usage controls on sensitive documents classified in Office desktop applications, and emailed through Outlook on desktop, Outlook on the Web, and Outlook on Mobile (Android or iOS).

Praj Industries

Secloring Stories – Praj Industries

Vijayakumar Ramachandran, AVP, Praj Industries, talks about how Seclore’s Information Rights Management help them to protect, prevent, and prevail their valuable data and achieve security hygiene and enforceable NDA.

Secloring Stories - HDFC Bank

Secloring Stories – HDFC Bank

Mukund Inamdar, VP Information Security, HDFC Bank, talks about how Seclore enables them to achieve customer data protection objectives and establish a reporting mechanism for enhanced governance.

Qatar Islamic Bank Case Study

Secloring Stories – Qatar Islamic Bank

Listen to Anugya Saraswat, Information Security Specialist, Qatar Islamic Bank, elaborating how Seclore, an easy-to-use solution, enables them to collaborate securely with third parties, protect data, and meet compliance requirements.