IRDAI Guidelines

Data-Centric Security

Read the highlights from the ESG Report, “Securing Data in the Age of Collaboration,” such as the top concerns by security professionals and stats on what types of sensitive data are shared and how it’s shared.

The Need for Rights Management Grows

This infographic illustrates the stats of external collaboration breaches, the impact of data loss, and why Rights Management is required to stop the madness.

Rights Management Transformation

Do you have information that needs to leave your organization to support collaboration? You can easily and securely send information via mobile devices, outsourcing and file-sharing with the new generation of Rights Management Solutions.

Quick Introduction to Seclore

CEO, Vishal Gupta introduces Seclore Rights Management and how the technology protects sensitive data that needs to be share externally.

Automating EDRM

Want to rapidly close the security gaps in your external collaboration? Don’t just rely on employees to manually secure files. Expand the security from your existing systems by automatically attaching security policies to a file once its downloaded, discovered and shared from a system.

New Challenges of Securing Shared Information

iSMG Banking Info interviews Seclore’s VP of Global Marketing, Lynne Courts on how Seclore rights management is solving the compliance regulation for information that is traveling beyond your corporate borders.

RFP Guide

RFP Guide

Considering EDRM technology for your organization? This comprehensive RFP guide will help you evaluate the capabilities that you need to meet your most important security risks.