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Seclores Universal Protection Demo

Seclore’s Universal Protection Demo

In this demo, you can see how Seclore’s Universal Protection attaches security policies that control who can open the file, where the file can be accessed, and from which device regardless of the file format.

Infographic data centric 1

Data-Centric Security

Read the highlights from the ESG Report, “Securing Data in the Age of Collaboration,” such as the top concerns by security professionals and stats on what types of sensitive data are shared and how it’s shared.

Inforgraphic need of rights management

The Need for Rights Management Grows

This infographic illustrates the stats of external collaboration breaches, the impact of data loss, and why Rights Management is required to stop the madness.

video Quick introduction

Quick Introduction to Seclore

CEO, Vishal Gupta introduces Seclore Rights Management and how the technology protects sensitive data that needs to be share externally.

thumb Automating ERM 1

Automating EDRM

Want to close the security gaps in your external collaboration rapidly? Don’t just rely on employees to manually secure files. Expand the security of your existing systems by automatically attaching security policies to a file once it’s downloaded, discovered, and shared from a system.