Why Seclore?

Seclore is the leading solution to help enterprises know, protect, and control their data wherever it goes.

There's a Gap in Data Security

Seclore is here to fix it
You’re at a crossroads. Your organization relies on collaboration and the free flow of essential business data. Existing solutions like data discovery and classification are only one piece of the puzzle and solutions like data loss prevention can introduce a lot of friction. The challenge of how to protect your data once it has left the enterprise remains.
That’s where Seclore comes in. Download the whitepaper for practical steps you can take today to close the growing data security gap before it’s too late.
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Your Data Is Your Business

Data is the currency of business. Your business relies on the ownership, storage, and transfer of digital assets to exist and grow. It goes without saying that you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands. The Seclore Platform provides a data-centric approach to security, enabling you to achieve your key business objectives.
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Seclore at a glance

Download the one pager for an concise overview of how Seclore can help your enterprise prevent data theft and achieve compliance. Share this asset with your team and kickstart your data-centric security journey.

The Seclore Difference

Maruti Suzuki

Case Study
Learn how Maruti Suzuki uses Seclore to prevent the leakage of sensitive IP when working with external parties.
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Learn why leading enterprises choose Seclore to prevent data theft and achieve compliance.