NIST Use Cases

Bid Information Shared with Sub-Contractors

US Federal agencies carrying out special projects award large contracts to primary contractors, which results in the sharing of CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information). These primary contractors need to onboard several agencies
and sub-contractors that are needed to complete the whole project. The CUI needs to be shared with the sub-contractors to submit their bids, which becomes significant security and regulatory risk for the primary contractor. Protecting this information with Seclore before sharing it, ensures that these primary contractors always have control over CUI when they are sharing it for bid purposes. Once the bid is awarded, all the information is retracted to ensure compliance.

Bid Information Shared with Sub Contractors 600
Protecting Electronic Component Specifications 600

Protecting Electronic Component Specifications

Electronic component manufacturers work with a large supply chain of vendors for procurement and contract manufacturing. Some of the data is identified as CUI and needs to adhere to federal regulations. Design specifications that need to be manufactured are shared with vendors in their supply chain, which carries a significant risk for the organization. Protecting this information with Seclore before it is shared ensures that only authorized users have access to it. Granular usage controls (view, edit, print, share, screen share) ensure that the information handling guidelines are always enforced. Data centric audits and tracking ensure that the enterprise is aware of who has accessed it and what they have done with it, at all times.

Securing Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Designs

Companies manufacturing electronics for federal government agencies depend on semi-conductor manufacturers to deliver new and improved components for their ongoing requirements. They provide these manufacturers with their latest designs and specifications that become a liability to ensure their security and secrecy. Protecting this information before it is accessible to internal employees is the best approach to cover the liability of sharing this information even within the company. Automatically attaching access and usage controls along with dynamic watermarks, ensure that no one can maliciously or accidentally misuse data.

Securing Semi Conductor Manufacturing Designs 600