A Common Sense Approach to RBI Compliance Guidelines

The RBI guidelines clearly state that IT governance is an essential pillar of corporate governance for Indian banks, even for dealing with issues ranging from Information Security to Customer Awareness. Seclore Rights Management has the potential to enable banks to comply with most, if not all, stipulations related to information security and outsourcing.

Seclore’s Data-Centric Security Approach to Comply with RBI Guidelines

The Indian banks and insurance companies are escalating their strategies to protect outgoing sensitive data, and in that process, comply with the RBI and PCI-DSS guidelines. Seclore helps these financial institutions manage their sensitive data that travels to third-party systems.

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Compliance with RBI Guidelines

Make Your Organization RBI-Compliant with Seclore

Banks in India are stepping up their efforts to cope with outsourcing of sensitive data to third parties and being compliant with RBI and PCI-DSS. With Seclore, you are no longer at the mercy of your vendor’s environment. Learn how you can protect data and meet RBI compliance regulations.

Four Reasons Data-centric Security is Ideal for Addressing Key Aspects of RBI

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