UAE Compliance Use Cases

National Emergency Response Policy Documents

Emergency response policies are drafted by the national disaster management authority who is responsible for handling such emergencies. Draft copies of these documents are shared with multiple federal agencies including the police, fire departments, local governments, etc. These documents carry national secrets while they are still being drafted and reviewed by these agencies. Any loss or leakage could lead to political rivalry and incite unwanted international attention. When these documents are protected with Seclore and shared, the disaster management authority can ensure that these documents are accessible to a closed group of users only. Once these reviews and modifications are completed, these draft copies can be destroyed to ensure compliance with federal information security guidelines.

National Emergency Response Policy Documents 600
Stock Trading Data 600

Stock Trading Data

Stock exchanges are mandated to provide trade related information to entities that are listed on their own exchange. It is the exchange’s responsibility to ensure that trading data of a particular script is shared with that listed entity only and no one else. This data is shared via ordinary spreadsheets and if leaked out it could significantly influence the script’s share price and trading volumes. This information is governed by regulatory compliance and subject to frequent scrutiny as well. When protected with Seclore, the data shared with listed entities is accessible to pre-assigned users only. Data-centric audits ensure granular activity logging is always available for every document. The stock exchanges and their staff are free from any liabilities that could arise from deliberate or accidental misuse of this information.

Personal Information of Citizens

The national statics authority collects personal information of their own citizens for building a central registry. This information is collected via various means that includes individuals calling up citizens or meeting them in person. This data is subject to personal privacy regulations and needs to be protected wherever it resides. With Seclore, protection controls are applied at the point of collection itself. The information is accessible to authorized personnel only, regardless of where it is stored or how it is transferred. Once the data collection is completed and moved to a centralized repository, all distributed copies of that data, can be automatically and remotely destroyed. Personal information of the citizens remains safe and secure from any malicious or accidental misuse.

Personal Information of Citizens 600