Pharmaceutical Data Security Solutions

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Achieve Data Privacy Compliance

Processing significant amounts of data for medical research is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the safe development of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies must comply with privacy regulations when processing personal data for research purposes to avoid hefty fines and violation of customer privacy. Seclore Data-Centric Security ensures customer information is always secure, even when sending data to external agencies, sharing data via the cloud, or accessing it on mobile devices.

Protect IP and PII

Pharmaceutical companies deal with large amounts of intellectual property (IP), including drug formulas, clinical trial information, R&D Data, and patent information. They must also comply with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to use consumer medical data for research purposes.
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GRC / Risk & Audit Reports

Sensitive clinical trial result information is tracked and audited.

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Research / CRO

Contract Research Organizations (CRO) provide clinical-study and clinical-trial research for new drugs and medicine that is shared with the sponsoring company. Information is also shared with manufacturers, laboratories, and university scientists.

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R&D / IP & New Technology

Guidelines produced by the R&D team contain critical Intellectual Property (IP) related to the manufacturing process and are often shared with suppliers. Product dossiers contain details of a new pharmaceutical product and are shared with multiple internal and external parties.

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QA / Reports & Incident Management

The Issue Management team manages concerns between departments and produces highly sensitive documents containing compliance and quality issues such as patient safety risk.

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Finance (legal)

Patent application processes and lawsuits require the exchange of sensitive data with third parties.

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Legal / Trade Schemes

Highly confidential schemes containing incentive plans are shared with Retailers and Distributors for a particular product.

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HR / Employee Data

Employee data is shared across business units and with outsourced agencies such as payroll and benefit companies.

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