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Most modern enterprises operate in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. While cloud providers and infrastructure security technologies like Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provide security for data in the cloud app itself, they cannot protect the data after it is shared or downloaded from the cloud. Much like traditional perimeter-based security, cloud security can only go so far when it comes to protecting your data.

For true data security, controls should be embedded directly into the data itself. That way, whether the data travels outside of the network or the cloud, it will be protected no matter where it travels. To learn more about cloud data security, read the blog.

Protect Your Data in the Cloud and Beyond

Integrations with Collaboration Tools
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Enhance data security and control by seamlessly extending rights management capabilities to Microsoft 365 applications. Natively protect and track sensitive documents shared and collaborated on within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Customer Story: Seclore Secures Millions of Documents in Cloud Migration

Seclore helps a global financial institution securely migrate millions of documents to Microsoft 365
Learn how Seclore allowed a global financial institution to seamlessly migrate to the cloud without compromising sensitive data or customer PII.

Seclore for SharePoint

Safeguard and track access to sensitive documents stored within SharePoint. Achieve robust data protection and compliance without disrupting collaboration.

Customer Story: Exostar Enforces Secure Collaboration with Seclore

“We are giving our customers the confidence that they can enforce the policies that are set down – either by the government or by themselves – in a very simplistic and straightforward way.”

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Extend Data Security for Your CASB

seclore cloud data security software
Elevate your CASB with Seclore, empowering automatic protection of sensitive digital assets without user intervention, ensuring enhanced security while preserving productivity.
Download the datasheet for more information on how Seclore can extend your CASB for better data security.

Control Data Access and Permissions in the Cloud

Seclore adds persistent, granular usage controls to sensitive data accessed, downloaded, or emailed from the cloud. Seclore can also protect data uploaded to cloud repositories such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Google Drive. The Seclore platform includes granular usage access control that ensures you can define:

Customer Story: Holistic Data Security for Cloud Collabration in Semiconductor

The semiconductor industry is vital to leaders across sectors of the global economy. The chips produced by this industry are used in a wide range of products, from computers and cell phones to automobiles and medical devices.
The semiconductor industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Companies operating in this space must comply with various domestic and international regulations. This can be challenging as the rules are constantly changing and evolving.
Data-Centric Protection successfully mitigates security risks and allows you to collaborate with external parties, adopt innovative technologies, and achieve business objectives – without worrying about security.
Watch this video where Lucky Effendi, Director of Information Technology, Eugenus, shares the data security journey of his organization and how Seclore helped them counter their data security challenges.
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Secure sensitive digital assets in the cloud